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Spring Season Awards Gathering!

Thursday May 29th saw the last practice of the spring season, one which was sorely disrupted by a winter that just wouldn't leave us (great for skiers, bad for sailors!). The final practice day was a "just messing around" in boats day on the Boardman in near perfect weather conditions (finally!).

Coach Dave and Coach Jim presented awards to our out standing young sailors of the year: Mitch Clark and Ali Friar. The MVP award, usually awarded to an indicidual, was this year presented to the graduating seniors of the 2014 class from St Francis, TC Central and TC West. All of those sailors contributed in a big way to the success of the teams, in botht their individual accomplishments to their mentoring and leadership of the younger sailors on the team.

Congratulions to all!

To see the rest of the phoos from the Senior Send Off and Awards Gathering. click HERE

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