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Volunteer at TACS!

Ways You Participate and Help TACS

“Deliver the Goods”

Traverse Area Community Sailing is truly a community effort, reflective of our name. With the exception of the paid professionals who instruct, all that is done to provide this opportunity to the community is done by volunteers. From fund raising, maintenance, website, newsletters, hosting regattas and sailors, ALL of it is done by a dedicated group of volunteers. Check out the opportunities below for more details and become a member of the TACS Team!


Boat Maintenance: Providing the tools for fun!

Did you know that TACS has over 75 boats? All of these get serious use (and a bit of abuse). We have professional staff to oversee the maintenance of these boats and can be there to help and direct activities. Come on down, have a cup of coffee and grab a brush or a screwdriver and help put these boats back in the hands of our sailors!

Communications (Website, Newsletters, Videos)

Communicating to the community is vital for the continued support from the community for TACS. We offer electronic and paper newsletters, we use You Tube and Facebook to let people know what is happening at TACS. Do you have skills that would help in this effort? This is a great opportunity to help us from the convenience of your home or office!

Adaptive Program Help

TACS has been offering an Adaptive Sailing Program for 5 years. Adaptive sailing is a program that is inclusive to individuals with all abilities, including but not limited to those with physicals and/or cognitive delays, senior citizens, veterans, and those with critical health concerns. this program  requires substantial volunteer support. The work is very rewarding, please consider helping people who otherwise not enjoy the beauty of our sport get out to sail on the Boardman!

Regatta Support

No Sailing program is complete without the racing aspect. TACS sponsors several High School and youth regattas each year and each of these regattas could use support on the land as wellas on safety and race committee boats.This is a fun way to watch the competition and help the young people enjoy our sport!



TACS depends on annual fundraising events to support our programs and provide scholarships to area sailors (the Adaptive Program, for example, is entirely supported by fund raising). We always need people lto help create these events to support our programs.

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