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Payment is required in full with registration. We will notify you immediately if we are unable to accommodate your first choice. Otherwise, you will be contacted prior to your session starting date with medical release, final instructions and information.

For Adult & Youth registration, forms may be submitted via mail by filling out our on-line form ("Mail-in" form) and printing out and mailing the completed form with payment (check or money order) to the address at the bottom of the page.

Normally, for Adult & Youth programs, cancellation requests must be made IN WRITING at least 14 days for a full refund before the first day of sailing session (less 5% service fee).

However, you will notice that the registration form is very different from our previous years. This season you will register the sailor not only for a specific session but also register the sailor for a specific sailboat:

Here are the choices:

  • Opti Newbie

    • Sailor aged 8 - 10 and  has never sailed

  • Opti Returning

    • Sailor aged 8 -10 and  has previously attended at least 1 TACS learn to sail session

  • BIC

    • Sailor aged 10 - 12 and  has attended at least 2, or  with Program Director's approval

  • Laser 4.7 Newbie

    • Sailor aged 11- 13 and  has attended an Opti session, or  age 11 and over, not attended a TACS learn to Sail session

  • Laser 4.7 Returning

    • Sailor age 11+ and  has attended at least 2 TACS Learn to Sail sessions

  • 420 Classes

    • Sailor aged 12 and over, and  has sailed Laser for at least  2 sessions, or with Program Director's approval

TACS 2024 Session Schedule:

  • Session #1

    • June 17 - June 28: AM, 9am to noon

    • June 17 - June 28: PM, 1 to 4pm

  • Session #2

    • July 1, July 2, July 3: AM (3 days), 9am to noon

    • July 1, July 2, July 3: PM (3 days),  1 to 4pm

  • Session #3

    • July 8 - July 19: AM, 9am to noon

      • Session 3 420 AM offers a STEM course included

    • July 8 - July 19: PM, 1 to 4pm

  • Session #4

    • July 22 - August 2: AM, 9am to noon

    • July 22 - August 2: PM, 1 to 4pm

      • Session 4 420 PM offers a STEM course included

  • Session #5

    • August 5 - August 16: AM, 9am to noon

    • August 5 - August 16: PM, 1 to 4pm

  • Session #6

    • August 19 - August 23: AM (1 week), 9am to noon



  • Traverse Area Community Sailing Prices (Early Bird until March 1, 2024)


  • Adaptive

    • No cost, but donation appreciated

  • Adult

    • $349 for four events on Mondays and Tuesdays​

  • Private (3 hours)

    • $225 for 1 person per session​

    • $300 for 2 people per session

    • $375 for 3 people per session

  • Youth Learn to Sail

    • 3 day session = $130.  

    • 1 week session = $225.

    • 2 week session = $395.

  • Women on the Water

    • $50 per session, limited to 2 sessions per month​

What to expect upon arrival:


As we attempt to limit the number of bodies passing through our teaching areas TACS will have a car-line drop off. As you come around the circle drive for the boat launch please stay in your cars, do not park: 


1. Please stop at the sign-in station (day 1 only)


2. Proceed to drive your child to their group along the driveway where your child will join their instructor.


3. On subsequent days please just drop off your child at the cone designating their group where attendance will be taken each. 


4. Based upon the class that you signed you child up for the assignments are as follows:



Station 1: Beginning / Newbie Opti 


Station 2: Beginning / Newbie Opti 


Station 3: Returning Opti 


Station 4: BIC 


Station 5: Beginning / Newbie Laser 4.7 


Station 6: Returning Laser Full/Radial Sail 


Station 7: 420 


Please join the instructor holding the numbered cone that corresponds to your child’s group / class. Morning drop-off is 8:45-9:00 and pick up is 12:00 (noon). The afternoon drop-off time is 12:45-1:00 and pick up is 4:00. At the end of class each day, your child will be with their group / class in the same spot as drop off. Please pull around the circle drive and pick up your child. 


IF ARRIVING BY BIKE, please park your bike on the rack, then proceed to a TACS instructor for daily health questions and a temperature scan. From there you may join your group as permitted. 


Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. We look forward to meeting your sailor or welcoming him/her back to the water! 



Drop off for the morning session begins at 8:45 am, session is from 9 am to noon. Drop off for the afternoon session begins at 12:45 pm, session is from 1 to 4 pm. 




The sessions take place at Hull Park on Boardman Lake. 

The park entrance is located off of Woodmere and can be accessed by turning West on Hannah Road, about 150 yards south of the railroad tracks behind the city library. 


Click here for directions. 



SUN PROTECTION: Please remember to apply sunscreen prior to arrival. Your sailor should have a hat and lots of sunscreen (including some for re-application throughout the class if needed). Sunglasses are also a great idea.

COMPLETED PARTICIPATION FORM: Every sailor must have this form completed before he/she will be allowed to sail. (See the link below)

LIFE JACKET: Each sailor must provide their own, snug-fitting, Coast Guard Certified Personal Flotation Device (PFD). The more comfortable the life jacket is, the more comfortable your child will be on the water. Orange yoke type PFDs are not allowed, as they greatly restrict motion and visibility. If you need a PFD, TACS has some that you can borrow 

SWIMWEAR & CHANGE OF CLOTHES: Swim wear should be worn under street clothes to the program. We recommend a change of clothing as well. Students WILL GET WET, and if wet, COLD. Please note: Every sailor will at least get wet on the first day. All sailors must pass a float test to continue participation in the program. 

FOUL WEATHER GEAR: A wind breaker or rain jacket is also recommended. We sail rain or shine, except in the case of severe weather (thunderstorms or high winds), in which case, we will move our instruction indoors. 

FOOTWEAR: Closed-toe shoes or aqua socks are required, NO EXCEPTIONS. TEVA type sandals or flip flops are prohibited. 

DRINKS & SNACKS: It is important your sailor has sufficient snacks and a water bottle for the day. They will be encouraged to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. 

Thank you for your participation, we look forward to a fun safe summer learning to sail.


Thankful to be outside and PLAYING together.

Peace and Full Sails, 

Ben Ferris 

Traverse Area Community Sailing 




Participation Form

Please download this form and bring to the first day of the program. Due to the sensitive medical questions and personal information requested in this form, it must be mailed in or delivered by participant.

Click on the PDF ICON To Download the Participation Form

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