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Employment Opportunities at TACS

Job Title:  Director of Operations
Location:  Discovery Center and Cornwell Sailing Center, much of the work can be accomplished from a remote workstation
Salary:  $20 per hour
Please forward all resumes with work experience and references to:
Work Responsibilities:
  • Central point to receive a wide range of correspondence (voicemail, email and other communications) and distributed to the key individuals to respond (assuming the correspondence was outside of the positions scope).

  • Working knowledge and hub for the use of key organizations software (Sales Force including Mailchimp interface, Quick Books and various interfaces to the website including registration software).

  • Data and archive research.  Managed SharePoint files.

  • Take minutes at all official board meetings.

  • Manage multiple aspects of registration ranging from annual development, deployment, fielding issues and exceptions.  Worked with volunteers and paid vendors to implement and remedy.

  • General problem-solving including refunds, session transfers, scholarship allocations.

  • Manage Human Resource types of tasks.

  • Process all legal and tax documents regarding payroll, donations (including designated donations), boat titles/registrations and other documents in keeping with our 501c3 status.  Distributed to/through proper channels like organization’s bookkeeper and CPA, Secretary of State, donors and other organizations as appropriate with reports to the Treasurer.

Qualifications and skill sets:
  • Enjoys working with kids and parents and a love of sailing is preferred but not required.

  • Well organized and ability to plan ahead for anticipated peak workloads.

  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office Suite.

  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn SalesForce.

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