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In the summer of 2009 TACS introduced an adaptive sailing program.  Adaptive sailing is a program that is inclusive to individuals with all abilities, including but not limited to those with physicals and/or cognitive delays, senior citizens, veterans, and those with critical health concerns.  Easy access is the key to providing services for all, and the Cornwell Sailing Center provides barrier free docks, lifts and equipment.  Community funding and collaboration has been necessary to provide the boats, instruction, and volunteers to run a safe and fun program.

Currently we have four Access boats (four 303's). These boats were selected because of their stability and maneuverability.  A joystick is used for steerage, the centerboard is very heavy and the sail area is limited.  Weight of an unrigged boat is about 130 lbs. Click here to learn more about the 303's.


Site adaptations have been carefully assessed.  Curbs, floors, dock grades, lifts, light switches, garage door openers, and transfer stations have been considered and designed to promote independent participation. Accommodations, as needed, are also made for students using our regular fleet of boats, and individualized instruction.


We'll be sailing every Thursday evening from the end of June to middle of August .

The hours each week are: 5:00 - 8:00PM. 

If you have questions about the Adaptive Program, please contact Lauren Ferris at 231-922-5922 Extension 5 or


For cost information please click on Registration.

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