Greetings Traverse Area Community Sailing Friends!
We pulled it off!

Thanks to our well prepared staff and our awesome community sailing program participants we all had a successful summer with lots of time on the water. 

In May, as we approached the beginning of the season, we were unsure of how things were going to go, then right at the beginning of June, we had to cancel (in order to comply with the governor’s executive orders) and then, right at the very last minute those orders changed and we were able to hold summer sailing instruction.

Ben Ferris, TACS Sailing Director, designed a terrific safety plan for the site and our entire staff executed the plan amazingly and all of our participants did their part.  Everyone remained safe and based on the thanks and praise from multiple parents we moved the needle in many ways:

“We are so pleased with how confident our daughter has become.”

“He has a new sense of independence.”

“Thanks to the diligence of the TACS staff, my children have an increased appreciation and understanding of safety on and around the water”

But we’re not out of the woods yet! Although we did fill nearly all available slots, due to COVID and for safety’s sake, we operated at 50% capacity. And even though we filled just about 100% of available slots, the truth is that’s about 50% of our usual income to cover all of the ordinary expenses, plus the extra dollars spent on additional safety equipment and sanitation supplies.

Each year for the last decade (and longer), TACS has held a gala fundraiser in the fall.  This fundraiser is crucial for TACS’s financial stability.  Due to continued safety restrictions for crowd size, we will not be able to plan and hold this very important event. 

But stay tuned, Scott Zenner, the TACS Fundraising VP and Tom Gorsline, the TACS Marketing VP, are both working together on a plan that will be able to help TACS bridge this financial gap.

Over the next few days, please watch for a special invite to our exciting alternative annual fundraising event.

And finally, a note of sincere gratitude to:

● TACS families, parents, grandparents and of course our sailing participants.

● The TACS staff – all of the people that you see (like our award winning instructors) and the people that you don’t see (like Martha Belfour our accounting and general fixer of the administration of things).

●  All of the many very wonderful volunteers that it takes to make the organization successful (too many to mention).

Thank you for all that you do!

For the kids,

Louis Rodriguez, TACS President 2020-2021

Susan Kraus
Dick & Marla  Lavanture

We are located in Traverse City, Michigan. We are a local non-profit organization, established in 1994, Traverse Area Community Sailing's mission is to provide affordable sailing opportunities to residents and visitors of the Grand Traverse Region.

Traverse Area Community Sailing is looking forward to seeing you and your family on Boardman Lake next year!

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